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Our Story 



Welcome to Equal Pizza by Aequalitatem Ltd. A new name but the same team that brought you Liverpool's first 100% Vegan pizzeria.

We are a small team of four friends, who just happen to have a passion for pizza and want to show that pizza is a magical food, that doesn't need to contain animal products to be tasty.


We are working hard towards our goal of owning our own store and being able to offer the 5 star service that we want to. Our commitment to this is evident when you consider that half of our team still have full time jobs on top of the work that they do here and we all volunteer our time to Equal Pizza. We are not here to make a quick turnover, we are here to create a vegan pizza legacy.

We hope that you join us on our journey and can help us shape the future of Equal Pizza. We are constantly trying new things in the kitchen and always endeavor to offer you the best food that we can. We welcome all feedback, after all, that's the only way we can get better.

We are currently busy brainstorming.

Last known location: Marine Street Social

You may know us (changed our name since) from our time inside the Grand Central Food Bazaar (formerly Quiggins)

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