Our Goals and aspirations

It would be easy to say that we are green and leave it at that. As a small business we are restricted on what it is possible for us to achieve.

We do our best.

Our best is a moving target, we are always trying to do better.

Our long term goal is to use renewable energy to power our business.

Our disposable packaging is not ideal but we like to source the most environmentally friendly packaging that we can. This page will be kept up to date with the packaging that we use and what makes it more environmentally friendly and the reasons why we chose to use it.

So then let us answer the question.


In short, YES.

Why wouldn't you?

The reason why you would want to avoid putting a food-stained cardboard item in recycling is all to do with that dreaded foe of resource recovery, contamination. When cardboard and paper items are sent to a recycling plant, after sorting they are finely shredded and mixed with water and various chemicals, such as surfactants and sodium silicate, in order to produce a slurry of pulp. The pulp is a good source material - and it can undergo a process of ink removal, and can also be easily filtered for contaminants such as bits of sticky tape and staples.

Grease, however, is a nastier contaminant - it gets mixed in with the pulp, lowering the quality of the recovered fibre, and may even lead to ruining a whole batch of potentially reusable paper. This is why any cardboard and paper item you throw out into your recycling bin should be as clean as possible.

What should you do?

Remove anything from the box first. Absolutely no food scraps, uneaten crusts, hunks of cheese, extra packaging, garlic bread wrappers, napkins. The box has to be completely empty.

Check the box for any grease stains. You should find that there's little to zero grease from our Vegan Pizza's (exceptions for garlic base pizza).

If it's all clear then it's good for your recycling bin. Any spots that you're unsure of, just cut around and recycle as much as you can.

Can my pizza box go in the recycling bin?